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 Chapter 4: The Little Seraph (Part II)


Title: The Little Seraph (Part II)

Masterpost: For warnings and general information of the fic:

Author: Lizaredlion

Characters/Pairings: pre-Dean/Castiel, Sam, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer, Claire Novak, OC

Rating: NC17—M

Word Count: 5480

Warnings: Explicit sexual scenes, kidnapping.


ESPECIAL NOTE: The parts written in BLACK are words or phrases spoken in another language by the characters.


Summary: “I wonder if angels become stars when they die”

Chapter 4 - Copy



The indigent angel was blindfolded and shackled around his ankles and wrists before he could be conscious again. 

He finally woke up in the evening, over the comfortable mattress of the little bed in the room-prison that Raphael prepared for him.

The young celestial found himself in the darkness, lying on his stomach, naked and only covered by a soft sheet from his ankles to waist.

Castiel felt his head very light.  It was almost the same sensation that he had experimented when he took a few colored pills to calm his hunger and cold a few months ago.  However, in that moment he felt even more light-headed than in his previous experience.  He was so flaccid and weak.

Nevertheless, in a few more seconds he felt a nastier sensation: It was a burning pain in his back that he had suffered before, over his two shoulder blades and the upper part of his spine.  The pain was so intense that Castiel couldn’t avoid his own cries and whimpers. 

The squirming young angel was being studied by Raphael.  The archangel was checking his kid brother’s temperature with one of his hand on his forehead and with the other hand on his neck he was checking the speed of his pulse.


-Where...? –Castiel was babbling – What is...?

-Calm down, Castiel. –said the archangel while he looked at Cas’ back with intent, poking his shoulder blades. –I’m going to ease your pains.

-My back... it’s burning me... it’s too... too hot!

-I will help you with your back, but I need you to stay still.

-Please, help me! –exclaimed the young seraph, ignoring what Raphael had said – This is burning!

-Does it hurt a lot? –heard Castiel an unknown voice.  That was Zadkiel’s.

-It... It burns... it hurts so much!

-Master, why is he still so sensitive?

-My powers are not working completely in his body.  The parasites interfere with the effects of my powers.

-He needs to be anesthetized.

-I already put a strong medicine in his lower spine. The pain will be less in a couple of minutes.

-Human medicine works better on him than our angelic methods, Master? –asked Amedeah.

-Sadly, yes. –answered Raphael, disappointed.

-At least there is something that will avoid him too much suffering. –said Jeremiel –It’s not funny to hear an angel scream, not even if it is a fallen one.

-I would pay to see that thing suffering. –said the despicable voice of Epinoia. –He deserves no less.

-Silence everyone! –ordered Raphael –I’m going to start the ritual.  Jeremiel Amedeah and Epinoia, you hold Castiel down.  He’s restrained but he’s stronger than he looks.  I need him to stay still.  Zadkiel, you will hold the wings when they materialize here.  I will say the words.


Raphael started to talk in a language that wasn’t English.  Castiel recognized the language and he was able to understand it but he didn’t know why he could do such a thing.


“In the name of God, our Celestial Father, I summon the wings of this seraph to appear in this plane of the universe.”



Raphael repeated that phrase a lot of times in that same strange language and then he repeated it in two other different languages that Castiel also was able to understand.

Half an hour later, Cas felt something heavy in his shoulder blades and upper spine.

He could see his wings by his sides, which scared the amnesic angel.

The wings were huge; horizontally the length was a little bigger than Castiel’s size.  The feathers were white as the snow and they were shining lightly. 

Nevertheless, his plumage and the flesh of the wings seemed mistreated.  There were several feathers missing, also there were bruises in certain parts of the muscles, joints and in the base of the wings where the vessel’s body was connected to them.  There were also old scars from different battles and wars that the angel had fought in his past, when he was a soldier of God.


-This is awful, Master. –said Amedeah, looking at the mistreated with pity and sadness.

-The parasites of Purgatory left by the souls of the monsters have damaged Castiel’s wings. –explained Raphael –This is painful for him.  He doesn’t know he has wings, but his back hurts anyway.

-Are you going to heal his wings, Master? –asked Zadkiel, with a worried voice.

-I can’t heal them entirely, but I will help him as far as his body allows me to do so.


The archangel concentrated in his ailing brother, taking one of his wings with gentleness.  Raphael started to stroke the feathers softly, spilling a blue light with his hand over the plumage, while Castiel shuddered and whined at the touch.

Raphael worked carefully in all the feathers that looked damaged or burned.  The ones that didn’t have so much damage could be fixed, but the ones that were too ruined were pulled from its pores, making Cas cry out in pain.


-Easy, Castiel. –said Raphael, rubbing his younger sibling’s sweat-matted hair. –Do not cry, brother.  I know you are a brave angel, so you can stand this.

-I thought he was our enemy, Master. –said the daring Epinoia –Why are you praising him?

-The fact that he is our enemy doesn’t mean that we can’t recognize his virtues, Epinoia. –Raphael said, looking at Castiel with melancholy.


“Long time ago, you weren’t my enemy, Castiel”



Raphael’s memories went to a time when Heaven used to be a peaceful place, thousands of years ago.

The fourth archangel was walking in the green grass of the huge country scenery that was his home. 

His skin was translucent, brilliant, white and blue, but sometimes it could be multicolored.  He had long and thin limbs, two arms and two legs.  His hands had the same form as the hands of a man but his fingers were longer and thinner. 

Raphael’s grace was visible in his lower abdomen, it was a ball of pure white energy shining like a star.  This energy was distributed to all parts of the archangel’s body by long and thin vessels inside him.

Raphael’s face was almost like a human’s, but his eyes didn’t have iris and they were constantly changing their color. He also had six ebony-colored wings.

In that moment, Raphael changed his original form to a human form, given the fact that angels could change their appearances when they wanted to. 

In human form, the archangel was dressed with a white toga and dark sandals.  He was ebony-skinned, had short black hair and big brown eyes.  The other angels that were in the surroundings—adults and fledglings in their original or changed forms— were dressed in the same way as the superior celestial.

Raphael got to a huge garden where he was greeted by a short and dark-skinned angel who had a plant on his hands.


-Raphael, the others are waiting for you. –said the gardener, politely.

-Thank you, Joshua. –replied the archangel, whose eyes were not as severe as they were in the future.

-The baby was born a few minutes ago. – commented Joshua, happily –He was crying so hard that the entire Heaven heard him.

-I will go see him. –Raphael walked to the insides of the garden.

-Go, brother.  –Joshua said, with a smile.


The archangel got to a field that was filled with giant roses of different colors and there were also a large quantity of buttons.  The roses that were already opened or half-opened had a baby angel lying in the center of it.  All babies were in their true forms.

Surrounding an enormous and beautiful white rose were three other angels, all three were in human forms.  One was tall, black-haired and had green eyes.  The one that was beside him was also tall, he was blonde and long-haired and had grey eyes, and the last one was the shortest of the three, he had light brown hair and golden eyes.  They were watching with fondness to the newborn baby that was lying and purring inside the huge white rose. The little creature was also in human form.  He was the only baby angel in the garden who could change his appearance.  He had dark hair and eyes blue as the sky whose look was unusually enigmatic for a newborn.  In his back there was a pair of tiny snow-white wings that were flapping happily.


-The Last Angel is finally with us, Raphael. –said the black-haired angel, holding the baby in his arms while he was sucking his thumb.

-He looks cute. –said flatly and with a bored tone the blonde angel.

-Cuter than you were at that age, I bet, Lucifer. –said the short celestial, with a smirk on his lips.  The blonde angel glared at him then, irritated. –Let me hold the little sweet babe, Michael.

-It’s all yours, Gabriel. –said his brother, giving the baby carefully to the shortest angel.

-He could change his form already. –said Raphael –This creature will be very especial.

-Indeed he is, brother.

-Who is going to raise him? – asked the black archangel, watching the baby with intent.

-We were thinking about it, Raphael, and we decided to ask you if you want to raise him. –said Michael, while he looked at his other brothers.

-Me? –Raphael was confused –Why me?

-Because you are the only one, besides Lucifer, who hasn’t had a fledgling in his charge for quite some time.

-And I don’t want to take care of him. –said Lucifer, pointing at the baby angel.

-I would like to take care of the babe, if Raphael can’t do it. –said Gabriel, enthusiastic.

-You already have Balthazar, Zadkiel and Samandriel under your charge, brother. –said Michael.

-But they are not babies, Michael.  And I like babies, they are very funny.

-Sorry, Gabriel.

-I will take care of him then. –said Raphael, taking the baby from Gabriel’s arms while the archangel was pouting.

-Raphael is going to turn the little babe into a boring soldier. –protested the golden-eyed celestial.

-That is not your problem, Gabriel. –said the dark-skinned archangel, glaring daggers at his older brother.  Then, the youngest of the four archangels put his serious look over the intense blue eyes of the baby. –You will be called “Castiel”, The Little Seraph.


The baby Castiel stared at Raphael and he smiled slightly.







-What a disgusting animal! –exclaimed Epinoia, slapping the whimpering Castiel on his buttocks.  The ailing angel groaned at the abuse.

-What is wrong? –asked Raphael, glaring at his enraged subordinate.  He already had one hour working on Castiel’s healing procedure.

-That beast has an erection! –spat the female angel.

-That is a normal reaction in an angel when the wings are stimulated. –explained the archangel, concentrated in Cas’ wings and uninterested in everything else. –It causes sexual arousal and if the stimulation is very intense he could reach completion.  


Raphael’s explanation was true and Castiel’s genitals were the evidence of it.

The young seraph’s penis was hard and leaking, his nipples were erect and tender and the skin of his face, neck and chest were flushed.  He was rubbing himself by pure instinct, thrusting his hips against the mattress, moaning softly.  Nevertheless, Raphael didn’t stop the manipulation of Cas’ wings.  He kept massaging and healing the feathers for a few more minutes.  After working on the plumage, he started on the muscles and bones of the wings and this made the semi unconscious Castiel moan in pleasure as he closed his hands in a fist.

The archangel ignored the sounds his little brother was making and continued with his ministrations, until his healing hands got to the bases of the wings.  There were a few big bruises in both bases and they were also swollen and reddish.  Raphael had to work harder on those tender parts, making Castiel shout in pain; however, the bases were even more sensitive than the feathers, muscles and joints, so the archangel’s movements of his hands and the grace pouring from them were enough to make Cas achieve the orgasm his body was desperately needing. The young angel’s hips bucked forcefully as he cried out, his entire body writhed wildly and uncontrollably.  Zadkiel and Jeremiel held Castiel’s tied arms and feet to stop the punches and kicks the young celestial was throwing erratically.   Cas’ wings were held by Raphael, restraining them from flapping and they shuddered instead.  Suddenly the over-stimulated angel stopped moving and remained completely unconscious after his climax.


-That was really gross. –murmured Epinoia, looking at Castiel with disgust.

-Shut up, sister. –said Zadkiel in a low voice, rolling his eyes –That was not Castiel’s fault.

-He was overwhelmed by the Master’s healing touch. –Amedeah said, with a sigh.

-I think you are wasting your breath stupidly, Epinoia. –said Jeremiel, dully –Angel wings are naturally sensitive and Castiel’s wings are injured, which makes them even more sensible.  His sexual response to the healing procedure was not something that you could consider as rare.  Even a fledgling would know that.

-Maybe Epinoia is dumber than a newborn fledgling. –said Zadkiel, with a little smirk.

-It’s finally done. –Raphael spoke, silencing his subordinates.  The archangel made a last movement over Castiel’s feathers and murmured a few words in Enochian, making the wings disappear. –The Little Seraph will rest now.







Monticello, Illinois

Evening time


The Winchester brothers reached a deserted road a few miles from Monticello, Illinois, and decided to spend the night there after their last job hunting a Poltergeist in that same town.

Sam fell asleep immediately in the back seat of the car.  But Dean couldn’t sleep.  He was sitting in the rear of the Impala, looking at the stars in the sky with his green and sad eyes.


-I wonder if angels become stars when they die. –whispered Dean with his voice rough because he hadn’t used it during hours since his little brother went to sleep.


Dean felt an itch in his left shoulder and started to scratch it while he recalled an argument with Sam that he had in the afternoon in their motel room.



-I’m telling you, Dean.  This is ridiculous. –said Sam, exasperated.

-And I’m telling you that maybe this could mean something important.  –replied Dean, touching his left shoulder.

-Why, Dean? It’s just an itch.

-An itch which happens to be over Cas’ mark.

-I know what this is about.  You think Cas is alive.

-I don’t know, Sammy.  But something is going on.

-Dean –Sam softened his voice –, I know Cas was a very important person to you.  Hell, Cas was my friend too.  I even forgave his mistakes before he died, when he decided to give the souls back.  I wish he were alive, but he’s gone, Dean.  We saw him die.  We put his body in the altar where he was burnt to ashes.

-He was an angel, Sam.  Maybe God brought him back to life.  It has happened before! Cas came back from the dead twice, Sammy!

-Yeah, I know... but I don’t think God would want to bring him back this time.

-Why not?

-You know why.  God is wrathful.  That’s what everybody says.  Cas destroyed and killed in His name.  Do you think God could forgive His son after what he did?

-I don’t know! Maybe!

-Look Dean, you should let him go. 

-And forget about him? I have to pretend that he never existed? Is that what you’re saying, Sam?

-No, Dean! What I’m saying is that you should accept that he’s gone.

-But I can’t accept it! –Dean shouted, enraged, holding his tears.  He didn’t want to show weakness, not even to Sam –I can’t fucking accept it!  And don’t you dare to mention that “time heals everything” crap because I could punch you in the face!



Dean was so distracted with his thoughts when out of the blue he felt a heat developing in his lower belly as he got flushed and his dick twitched with excitement.


-What the fuck...?


A wave of pleasure invaded Dean’s senses and now he was seeing little white stars dancing in front of his eyes.  The handprint in his shoulder was now very hot and itching furiously.


-Cas. –gasped Dean, realizing that this was not only a hunch about Castiel being alive.  This was a neon sign.


But a sexual neon sign?

Seriously, what the hell?


The hunter tried to control himself, but the burning itch on his handprint was somehow controlling all the sensitive parts of his body; his cock started to grow painfully hard under his jeans and his nipples were engorged and really sensible.

He thought his mind was playing tricks on him.  He could see Castiel naked and lying on a mattress, face down.  The angel’s eyes were closed and his mouth was partly open, his chapped lips were pink and saliva was escaping from one of the corners of his mouth.  He saw Castiel thrusting against the mattress, jerking himself off, first slowly and then rapidly.  The celestial’s moans and whimpers were driving Dean crazy, the handprint was unbearably hot and itchy and he noticed that his pants were already wet with pre-come.


-Fuck! –growled Dean to himself – Cas is not here! Cas is not...! Oh... fuck!


Dean couldn’t talk anymore as he saw Castiel again over that mattress, thrusting on it forcefully a few more times before he came.  Dean came almost at the same time the angel in his hallucination did, while he still could hear the moans and whimpers escaping from Castiel’s dry mouth.


All was white in Dean’s mind, and just as it had appeared, the scene was gone.  Cas was gone.  Gone.


-Damn it! –growled Dean, frustrated, watching the surroundings of the deserted road –What the flying fuck was that?!


The blonde hunter felt the sticky wetness in his groin under his pant and sighed loudly.


-Great... this is just great. –said the young man, sarcastic – I jacked myself off with the memory of my dead friend.  Well done, Dean.


In a moment the ringtone of his cell interrupted the hunter and made him flinch and he answered the phone almost instantly.


-What?! –he almost yelled, furious.

-Er...Are you Dean or Sam Winchester? –asked a feminine and a little high pitched voice.  It was a kid.

-Who wants to know? –Dean couldn’t trust anybody, kids and adults equally.  His hunter instincts always were telling him to be careful with everyone; no matter how innocent could look like the individual in front of him.

-M-my name is Claire.  Claire Novak.  Maybe you don’t remember me, but I’m Jimmy Novak’s daughter.



“Jimmy Novak... Cas’ vessel.  What the fuck?”



-Novak. –parroted Dean again –So, you’re his daughter.  Yes... I remember you.  I’m Dean Winchester. 

-Jesus, that’s a relief. –sighed the girl.

-So, what’s going on, kid? Why are you calling me?

-It’s about Castiel.


Dean’s hands and feet went cold when he heard the name of his friend with that child’s voice.  Something very serious was happening related to his angelic friend and he suspected that this call was one of the steps he had to take to find out the truth.


-I saw Castiel. –said Claire, with a sad voice –He looked mistreated and abandoned, but it was him.


Dean was speechless.





Author's note:

1 COMMENTS ARE VERY WELCOME. Thanks for reading

2 The story will be updated every one or two weeks. If I update late someday it's because I'm sick. I suffer from Crohn's disease, and that causes me a lot of troubles. But I will do my best effort to update the fanfic in time.

Thanks for your understanding.

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 Chapter 4: The Little Seraph (Part I)


Title: The Little Seraph (Part I)

Masterpost: For warnings and general information of the fic:

Author: Lizaredlion

Characters/Pairings: pre-Dean/Castiel, Sam, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer, Claire Novak, OC

Rating: NC17—M

Word Count: 5480

Warnings: Explicit sexual scenes, kidnapping.


ESPECIAL NOTE: The parts written in BLACK are words or phrases spoken in another language by the characters.


Summary: “I wonder if angels become stars when they die”


Chapter 4 - Copy






Pontiac, Illinois

October 16, 2011

Before midnight time


She was walking with three other girls of her same age in the streets of the downtown when she noticed something in an alley.  15-year-old Claire Novak saw an indigent whose face she knew very well.  He was hugging his legs against his chest, trying to protect himself from the cold weather with a few newspapers and old boxes.  But behind the facial hair and the dirt she could recognize her father. 

But was he really her dad?


He was the angel.  He was the being that took her father’s body.  He was the creature who took her dear dad away from her.  He was Castiel.

Claire could recognize Castiel because of the look in his eyes.  That ancient look wasn’t her father’s.  Besides, she had Cas’ essence and grace inside her for a while, and that little time was enough to know the angel deeper and to learn a few of his most important thoughts.

But what was this celestial creature doing in that cold place?  He seemed to be in pretty bad shape.  What was wrong with Castiel?

Claire was trying to get close to the angel, when suddenly, an ebony-skinned woman got close to Castiel first.  She talked to him, offered him food and a place to sleep, and the desperate angel went with her.  They got in a big black car with dark windows and then they took off.

Claire heard the name of the person who took the angel.  The name was “Raphaella”.  But who was her?






Pontiac, Illinois

October 17, 2011

Past midnight



Castiel was eating a candy bar, seating in the edge of a comfortable bed inside a mansion, while his older brother watched him with amusement.


-Thank you, lady. –said the younger angel, politely, getting away from the bed –But I have to go now.

-Where are you going, Castiel? –asked Raphael, nonchalantly –You have no place to go.

-You’re wrong, lady. –replied Castiel, serene –  I have a place to go.  I sleep in the same building with my friend Pat.

-A homeless? –the archangel’s tone was full of vile.

-I’m a homeless too. –Castiel was confused because of the sudden despicable attitude of his benefactor.

-You’re different, Castiel. –Raphael said while he was piercing his little brother’s eyes with his own – You are so much more.  You are not like these lower creatures.

-Lower... lower creatures?


-I... I don’t know what you’re talking about, lady. –Castiel was getting nervous and he tore his gaze away from Raphael’s eyes.


In that instant, Castiel started to cough hard a few times and he put a hand over his chest with a grimace of pain.  He went back to sit on the bed.


-What’s wrong, Castiel? –asked the archangel, staring at the lesser angel’s belly.

-It’s... it’s nothing. –answered the indigent celestial, trying to regain his composure –It’s just an old pain.  Sometimes it’s in my chest, and other times it’s in my stomach, my joints or my back and shoulders.  I believe that maybe they could be caused by some sort of bacteria.

-They could be parasites. –Raphael said –I suppose you have had this pain for a long time.

-For five months. –Castiel said, with trembling voice –One day I woke up and the pain started.

-Five months. –whispered Raphael, thoughtful.


Castiel was rubbing his chest with both hands, and the pained look in his eyes was not fading.


-Is it still hurting right now? –asked Raphael, getting close to the bed where Castiel was sitting, very slowly.

-Yes.  I... I  –Castiel stuttered –its okay.

-It doesn’t seem okay to me.

-Really, I just need...

-You need rest, Castiel. –interrupted the archangel.  He was almost losing his patience with his kid brother.

-No... No, I was going to say that... that I need to go. –Castiel was very weak and his voice was trembling – You gave me food and... and I’m really grateful with you for that, but right now... I have to go.


In that moment Castiel felt something sharp in his both of his shoulder blades and he screamed in pain. Cas’ hands were in his shoulders now.  He wanted desperately to lay down in the bed where he was sitting, but his instincts told him that he needed to get out of that house.  He didn’t know what kind of person was his benefactor, so, he couldn’t trust her.  Castiel usually didn’t trust strangers, but for some reason, he was afraid of this woman in front of him.


-You are not going anywhere, Castiel.

-But... I have to...

-Sleep, Castiel. – Without warning, Raphael put two fingers in his little brother’s forehead, and then the body of the young celestial went slack in the archangel’s arms.

Raphael laid Castiel in the mattress and then he put a hand over his stomach, over the belly button.  The archangel noticed that Castiel’s grace was restrained in great part, and also felt a strange disturbance inside the young celestial’s body.  The superior angel had already seen those problems with his deep and powerful eyes through the lesser angel’s flesh when he was talking with him, but he needed to touch the body to feel the possible damages or infections.  With that information, he could have at least a few ideas about what was happening to the fallen angel.

In that moment, four angels dressed in dark suits appeared behind Raphael.  They were two young adults, one male and one female, and two middle-aged individuals, man and woman.


-Take Castiel to the basement and put him over the table in the lab. –ordered Raphael, without taking his eyes off of the sick angel.

-Is he really Castiel, Master? –asked the young woman who had merciful grey eyes. She had tan skin and dark hair.  She was watching carefully at the sleeping angel’s face and then she looked at his stomach and noticed the same disturbance that Raphael had seen and felt in the humanized angel.

-Yes, he is, Amedeah. –answer Raphael flatly. –He’s dirty and malnourished, but it’s him.

-He looks terrible. –said worridely the young man of the group.  He had dark blond hair and pale blue eyes.

-His grace is tainted, Zadkiel. –said the middle aged man.  He had grey hair and blue eyes –It’s perturbing his angelic essence and his human body.

-I can see that, Jeremiel. –Zadkiel got close to Castiel to study his chest while Raphael was still with his hand over Cas’ stomach.

-Such a disgusting creature he is! –said the middle-aged woman.  Her brown eyes were full of disgust and hatred towards Castiel.

-Don’t be so hard on him, Epinoia. –said Amedeah.  She was looking at Castiel with compassion. –He’s our little brother.

-That abomination cannot be my brother.  He is a monster!

-He was a monster five months ago, sister. –said Zadkiel, rolling his eyes –But right now he’s just a helpless creature. 

-He’s weak and despicable, and he’s almost one of... them! –the blonde Epinoia had an ugly grimace and she looked nauseated – A human! 

-And what’s wrong with him being a human? He’s not going to hurt you. Don’t say stupid things and don’t behave like a dumb donkey, sister.

-You’re a blind fool, Zadkiel! –she was almost yelling, with pure anger – Can’t you see what the humans have done to all the beautiful things in creation? Can’t you see what they’ve done to Castiel?  That Winchester vermin converted our brother in the abomination that lies in that bed!  It’s his fault, a human’s fault!  Castiel used to be a beautiful angel, but now he’s not even a shadow of what he was before!  Now he’s just a dirty and miserable creature!

-You really are very hard with Castiel, Epinoia. –said Jeremiel quietly.

-All right, quit the chatter now! –Raphael said.   Even when he was inside a female vessel, his tone was thundering when he showed fury, it was the same frightening tone that all his subordinates knew very well. –Stop talking nonsense and take the Little Seraph to the room in the basement!

-Little Seraph? –asked Epinoia, very surprised and disgusted –That thing is the Little Seraph?!


Raphael just stared at the upset angel.


-He’s the one they mentioned in the prophecy of the Epic War?! –continued Epinoia, while her partners were sharing nervous looks with each other – He is the same being known as the Little Angel?!

-Castiel is the youngest and the last angel created by God. –replied Raphael, surprising his followers.  They all believed Epinoia was gonna be smited right there.  However, the archangel’s voice was not filled with love either – Not all the angels were informed about who was the last one.  Only the archangels and certain high-class angels were informed about it.  And last time I knew, you weren’t an archangel, Epinoia.


-Do you really want to continue with this pitiful talk, Epinoia? –Raphael’s followers heard a thunder outside.  Epinoia gulped nervously and decided to finally stay quiet.


The four angels didn’t want to wait until Raphael would repeat again the order of taking Castiel away, so they did what their wrathful superior had told them to do before Epinoia’s interruption.






The archangel had already cleansed his little brother’ body with his powers, and he also shaved him before starting to examine him.  Castiel was unconscious, lying on his back naked, connected to an IV tube in a vein of one of his arms.  He was scrawny; his pale skin was stretched too tight over his bones, he had a flat stomach, his ribs were a little visible under the flesh and his hipbones were sharp.  It was obvious that he needed to put a little more of weight in his body.


-Are you going to operate Castiel, Master? – asked Zadkiel. He entered to the subterranean lab that had the aspect of a medical exam room.

-Not yet, Zadkiel.  I need to see how those Purgatory parasites are developing inside him.  And I have to take some samples from his body.  I need tissues, vital fluids, excretions and other matter.  If Castiel’s ailment were only in his grace and angelic essence I wouldn’t need those body samples, but that’s not the case here.   Castiel’s vessel is infected too and I have to know what exactly is wrong with him.


Zadkiel noted purple bruises in Castiel’s right ribs and lower belly.


-What is this? –asked the blonde angel, lightly touching the bruise on Cas’ abdomen with his fingertips.

-This is another consequence of the parasites.

-They are awful bruises.

-They are also painful. –said the archangel, pressing two fingers on the rounded contusion, causing Castiel to flinch and whimper softly. 

-I don’t know much about this kind of problem because there are no precedents about it, but from what I know that kind of filth inside him could kill him eventually.  Is that truth?

-Yes, it is, Zadkiel.  He would need proper care to survive.  Castiel is stubborn. He wouldn’t want to stay here.  It is sure that he will try to runaway.

-He’s human.  He can’t run away from angels.

-He’s almost human, don’t forget about it.  He’s still strong enough to escape from us.

-So, what are you going to do?

-I will mark him.

-You will use The Mark of Restrain?

-Indeed.   This mark will put his grace to sleep completely.  Right now, even when he’s not aware of it, a small portion of his grace is still active in his body.  This portion of grace gives him angelic strength and it is enough to let him fly.  I’ve been using the Mark of Restrain since I started as the Master Healer of the Host in angels who when they were injured or ill their powers were a problem for the safety of themselves and others around them.  If I decide to give Castiel away to the Old Monarcs as a sacrifice, he must be healthy and well fed, and that won’t happen if he escapes from us.

-They’re going to eat him, Master. –Zadkiel couldn’t hide his repulsion at the idea of giving Castiel away as food to some ancient monsters.

-They eat angels, Zadkiel.  We all know that.  They could eat us all.  If we give them the Little Seraph, they will spare Heaven and we could survive the destruction that they are planning for the Host.

-But that’s cruel, Master! –exclaimed the blonde angel, lowering his head a little nervous.

-Cruel? –asked Raphael, bewildered –Castiel caused a lot of chaos in Heaven, Zadkiel.  He was against me and he killed half of my soldiers in the war.  He made a deal with a demon.  He proclaimed himself as a new god.  He almost killed me when he had the power of the souls of Purgatory inside him, and he murdered many of my followers and soldiers in Heaven at that same time.  What I am doing with him now is an act of mercy, Zadkiel.  He’s already condemned to death in Heaven.  He could be executed in one way or another.

-But... but they will eat him alive, Master! That’s awful!

-Alive, yes; but not conscious.  I will shut down his nerves before I give him away to the Monarcs.  He won’t feel a thing, Zadkiel. 

-Are you going to tell him about his fate?

-No.  It’s for the best.  He doesn’t have to know that he’s going to be sacrificed.  That could make him more ill than he already is.  I don’t need more unpleasant problems with Castiel.



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